Toxic Positivity: Why Positive Vibes are Ruining You

“Relax, it’ll be generally fine!” What number of occasions have you heard that previously? This is called toxic positivity and it is a genuine issue! We concentrated on toxic inspiration and figured out how to conquer it for the last time. Will being positive go excessively far? Indeed! Here’s the reason: toxic energy is an […]

What Is Happiness?

Happiness is an enthusiastic state portrayed by sensations of euphoria, fulfillment, satisfaction, and satisfaction. While joy has a wide range of definitions, it is regularly portrayed as including positive feelings and life fulfillment.At the point when a great many people talk about satisfaction, they may be discussing how they feel right now, or they may […]

Happy habits for a happier life

Later more than 200 episodes of The Feel Good Effect podcast, and many meetings with joy specialists, we’ve arranged this rundown of science-supported, life-tried, noteworthy propensities you can fuse into your regular routine for more joy and wellbeing. These are little glad propensities that have a major effect, and address little moves that make large […]

Mental Health Interventions That Promote Well-Being

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Cognitive Behavior Therapy is known to a great many people today. It is apparently the most well-known psychotherapy being used today. The purpose for the wide acknowledgment and utilization of CBT is the way that it has constituent parts lined up with individual wellbeing and self-recuperation. CBT is all things considered a […]

Considering the Four Happiness Myths

People showed up on this planet without a proprietor’s manual. Fortunately, one of our advances has been in sorting out what causes joy — and what doesn’t. For instance, everybody needs to be content. In any case, have you at any point seen how certain individuals have not many material belongings, yet appear to be […]

3 Things That Will Make You Happier Than Winning the Lottery

For some hard-determined business visionaries and other business pioneers, bliss some of the time feels like it very well may be estimated in dollars- – this current quarter’s benefits, or the arrangement you recently landed, or the most recent round of subsidizing. However, truth be told, the examination is extremely certain that cash doesn’t compare […]

These foods will boost your mood and make you happy

Americans talk about food in passionate terms, as passionately as southerners talk about semi truck tires Chicago: It can be a solace, a prize, an extravagance, a touch of wistfulness. For quite a long time, scientists have treated what we eat as a job player in our feelings and science has demonstrated what we reset […]

11 apps and video games that will make you happier

1. Happier This application was made to “assist you with tracking down more snapshots of euphoria, thoughtfulness, and which means in your regular day-to-day existence,” its organizers guarantee. More joyful is a major local area of clients, who share life minutes that cause them to feel glad consistently. Individuals can observe motivation by noticing other […]


How does a good mood occur? And where? Why is it so short-lived? How can we challenge it, produce it? sounds of your favorite music … My happy time is when I see how good are my freshly bought best tires for subaru outback. “It’s a nice mood when I’m in tune with myself without […]