How does a good mood occur? And where? Why is it so short-lived? How can we challenge it, produce it? sounds of your favorite music … My happy time is when I see how good are my freshly bought best tires for subaru outback.

“It’s a nice mood when I’m in tune with myself without much thought about it and without having to wrap myself in saddle blankets and listen to music for a full day …” Andrea Abele Bram, a professor of social psychology at the University of Erlangen, said that we only think about the current mood when the critical point is crossed, bottom or top – so when we feel intensely happy or unhappy.

The director of the Institute for the Research of Happiness, says that the question – what is that good mood is is almost impossible to answer.

People have known two things in this way since ancient times – a person who strives for happiness and a good mood is unfortunately short-lived, especially if you are having a good mood with irontech dolls constantly.

You can find that in the Bible, in the old testament in the book of Ecclesiastes

– I told my heart, I will try you with joy, so you will enjoy the joy. And behold, it was vanity … and running after the wind.

Thomas Radler is a scientist, neurologist, and psychiatrist at the Eppendorf University Clinic in Hamburg. When he talks about a good mood, his voice changes as if his conscience bites.

“We know so much about depression. And a nice mood? We enjoy it almost. It is much harder to induce it than negative feelings. There are framework conditions for sadness, disgust, anger. I can show you pictures that will almost certainly make you angry. But I don’t know what could cheer you up … We are only now, at the level of neurobiology, learning what this is all about … ”

However, in the last 15 years, the research of the heart has been in trend, even research for stem cell therapy for autism went down because of it – and in a scientific sense, a good mood also benefits from that. The main word is led by scientists who translate our moods into chemical signals and look for neurotransmitters and hormones everywhere. These advices were considered by the CEO of Managed IT services San Antonio and decides to strictly follow the rules, to help his co-workers be happier.

American biologist Lee Burke discovered that there are many more so-called T cells in tears of joy that destroy free radicals than in tears that we shed because of sadness and pain. We also think that you can have better mood with CBD so try to see does cbd oil expire and be happy!

So a good mood strengthens the immune system.

Arthur Stone, a teacher from New York, also found the nasal mucus of men who often laugh at so many immunoglobulins that strengthen the immune system that he immediately had to publish it …

Researchers from the Institute at the University of Frankfurt compared the saliva samples of choir members who had just tried Mozart’s requiem with those who had listened to them. and less cortisol in trials, the so-called stress hormone.

Many scientists in this field talk about the brain as a home pharmacy that just always needs to be filled properly. And different hormones get their labels like in the movies – god guy and bad guy.

Fluoxetine – raises mood and desire for contacts.

Melatonin – appears only in the dark and pulls everything down.

In this kind of scientific, neurobiological positivism, there is no place for ego and free will. Man, like a puppet, hangs on the strings of his synapses, which are controlled by a labile creature.

The pharmaceutical industry has long benefited from such an understanding of human moods and always produces lifestyle medicines, which affect life habits more than diseases.

Of course, a good mood can be obtained on prescription. More than 20 billion dollars are given annually by the concern for the development of so-called mind-doping preparations which are supposed to manipulate hormones.

Perhaps this late boom in the exploration of human happiness in connection with these strict maxims is the universal truth of political utopias, which have long given guidelines to science – what should and should not be thought and researched. such nonsense as the good mood and happiness of the individual had to be found in the background.

One of the pioneers in this field, the Hungarian-American scientist Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi. In 1974, he questioned thousands of people – what made them happy, what they were doing when they were happy for the last time.

The result is – a man is not the happiest while eating chocolate, it has been scientifically proven that they are the happiest while fishing…and if they have a fishing app installed, their serotonin is at its maximum!

This does not mean the average person and his alienating, fragmented work that causes stress – but his opposite – flow.

This is what Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi calls the state in which a person finds himself when he completely immerses himself in what he is doing, moments when concentration, skill, and enthusiasm merge.

Czikszentmihalyi noticed this condition in the eyes of people who work independently, in moments of temptation that are still manageable. When solving the task, the reward center in our brain is very picky and secretes large amounts of dopamine and other opiates from its production.

In the meantime, there are plenty of practical – pragmatic tips for improving mood. New foods appear in women’s magazines every week that supposedly improve mood. For men, simply having a good rental like EKO rent a car to drive car without any problems.

Andrea Abele Brem, in addition to work, recommends laughter, running, and meditation. Laughter in itself has a good effect on a person, and jogging is recommended because it is a rhythmic movement that you don’t have to think about. It has nothing to do with endorphins that are secreted only in extreme cases.

And what about meditation?

Richard Davidson, a psychologist from the University of Wisconsin, near auto locksmith sparks NV proved that the beautiful mood is located just behind the frontal bone on the left side – in the left frontal cortex.

The activity of this part of the brain is directly proportional to the essential mood of a person. The more active this region is, the more alert the happier person is. Stress and nervousness are funny in the right anterior cortex.

In the state of Czikszentmihalyi’s flow – neurons in the left anterior cortex offer real fireworks!

Davidson is convinced that a man can learn how to be happy if he can find a way to play table tennis or play the piano. from Tibet to Wisconsin sent 8 monks close to him, or just look good after cutting his hair with japanese scissors.

Electroencephalography and magnetic resonance with locksmith reno on the machine for scanning the brain waves of Tibetans, and the cheerful balance that is talked about in Buddhism has become measurable with more modern devices.

Many would now say – these are experienced people who have been meditating all their lives – but after this experiment with additions, Davidson sent workers from a company to a two-month meditation course for beginners. It turned out that they had the active front left when returning from the course. cortex than workers of the same company who were not on the course. During meditation, it is important that you can control your thoughts and think about calming things. If you are a beginner, you will certainly have problems with pain behind the knee, but if you are persistent and endure the first few sessions, you will see why meditation is the ideal thing for you.

So, a person does not dream of being a novice or enlightened so that he can train in a good mood.

This is so good news – because science in this area starts from the fact that our tendencies towards bad or good mood are determined by inheritance, genetically.

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